IMAx With laser is here.

As part of its commitment to pushing boundaries, IMAX has undertaken the largest R&D investment in the company’s history to develop its next-generation projection and sound system – featuring groundbreaking laser technology. IMAX partnered with the Cooke Wax Partnership to launch a brand new, people first campaign. It’s an overwhelming, all encompassing deluge on your senses. It’s a huge wave of intense color, contrast, brightness, and sound. IMAX with Laser strikes at the senses and, ultimately, the heart. 

THE OBJECTIVE: Generate excitement around the launch of IMAX’s next-generation Laser system and create a call-to-action for consumers to come experience Laser at both commercial and museum theater locations.

WHAT WE DID: Conceived and executed a people led creative print, out-of-home, video, radio and digital campaign centered around an all encompassing wave on the moviegoer’s senses. The campaign educates the audience on the benefits of IMAX with Laser, positions it as the new gold standard in cinema going, and also provides a flexible system of materials for exhibitor partners to build awareness and messaging for their laser systems.

RESULTS: We launched the IMAX with Laser campaign as a celebration of color, sound and brightness out into the world, introducing the IMAX experience as people first and delivering on the emotional benefits of the IMAX Laser technology.